Swartz Creek Karate



Jeremy Dollinger

Sa Bom Nim, Jeremy Dollinger

a 4th Degree Black Belt, started training at the age of 10.  He is dedicated to a life of teaching the Martial Art he grew up with and is the Head Instructor at the Swartz Creek location.  Our philosophy is "Family".  Our school is extremely family oriented.  We pride ourselves on family karate classes.  The families that train at our school together become a family of their own at school and it creates an atmosphere like no other activity can offer.

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Proud Member of the
International Tang Soo Do Federation™

We are proud members of the International Tang Soo Do Federation, led by Grandmaster C.S. Kim. This school meets the high standards of martial arts instruction set by this organization. Our lessons do not end with kicking and punching.

We work with all of our students to develop confidence, discipline, and leadership skills that will serve them well in their daily lives, while having lots of fun doing it!


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